Nutrena is one of the largest animal feed and pet food manufacturers in America. They wanted to do something to show their belief that animals can change the lives of people. We helped them create Feed It Forward, an entirely new giving program under their brand.

Feed It Forward offers grants to non-profits who share Nutrena's belief that animals change lives.

Feed It Forward Stories

We visited the first run of Feed It Forward grant recipients and created a series of videos about the people and animals they work with. These videos served as YouTube ads and as longer form content.

More coming soon...





Oh yeah. And all of that stuff we made directed people to a website with lots of information. You can learn about the program, the grant application process, the organizations Feed It Forward has already given to, and you can read stories about people who have had their lives changed by animals.

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Copywriter: Tim Shumar

Art Director: Sarah Koster

Executive Creative Director: Andy Thieman

Agency: Yamamoto