Sometimes your friend talks about starting his own ad agency so much that you need to start a parody ad agency complete with a real website, real intern applicants, a dog, and an overworked junior in response.

FW+F: The website

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Our Leadership Friends

our other friends

Our clients (or friends who owe us money)

Speaking Engagements


Yes. We did speak in front of the VCU Brandcenter.

No. It was not authorized.



The Creative Teamdem Bike

Creatives love bikes. Now you can bike with your creative partner.

Idea Bulbs

Guaranteed to make your light fixtures 10% more creative.


Sometimes you find stories in
unsavory places.

The Story-Doer's Spice Rack

Spices up any story. Or stew.


A creative team must stay in constant contact. Even if there's no cell service.


Story Wear

These are real. We actually have shirts.

What people are saying about FW+F

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Chief Friendship Officer: Tom Fumar (Tim Shumar)

Chief Dreamweaver: Dick Weichel (Rich Whelchel)

Chief Barketing Officer: Flapjack

Junior Art Friend: Gianna D'Amico