Del Monte

Student Campaign, Video, Pre-roll, Print, Out of Home, Packaging

Food is hard to make, dammit. You should be proud of your food. Even if it came out of a can, you made something.



Out of Home

Product Innovation

Seasoning Packet
& Resealable Lid

Cans will be outfitted with different seasoning packets which can be used to easily add extra flavor to the food inside.

The packets also double as a resealable lid for the can. It can be snapped to the top of the can, and stored in the fridge after opening.

Can-spirational Messaging

Inspirational messages on the interior of can lids to congratulate people for making something.


Copywriter: Tim Shumar

Art Director: Jake Broglio

Art Director: Jason Goldberg

Experience Designer: Stanley Hines

Strategist: Eric Enninful

Creative Brand Manager: Ben Patty