Xcel Energy

Broadcast, Digital Video

Doing little things can save a ton of energy, and those things are so little that you can do them with one hand. We created a series of videos for Xcel Energy to serve as quick reminders to do those little things. We also got deep into the world of hand acting.

These ran as broadcast in select markets and as digital video everywhere else.

“Blinds” :15

“Dryer” :15

“Vacation Mode” :15

“TV” :15

“Lint Trap” :15

“Lid” :15

“Old Fridge” :15

“Hang Dry” :15

Copywriter: Tim Shumar

Art Director: Meky Wong

Creative Directors: Shawn Pals and Paul Brink

Executive Creative Director: Andy Thieman

Director: Bryan Michurski

Agency: Yamamoto

Production Company: sureCAN Productions

Client: Xcel Energy